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  • Version: 2010

Go on a safari without leaving home

Hunting Unlimited is a virtual hunting sim for those of you who want the cut and thrust of the hunt, without the cold forests and dangerous animals.

Hunting Unlimited is the perfect solution for those who want a taste of hunting in the jungle or the African savannah, but without leaving home. The animals don't suffer and you don't run the risks, but even still you get the chance to go after some of the most impressive beasts on the planet, right on your computer screen.

Animals & Locations

Lions, elephants and majestic European red deer are just some of the many beasts you'll find in Hunting Unlimited. Depending on where in the world you choose to hunt, species change and adapt to each area. Hunting Unlimited's locations include places like North America's Rocky Mountains and the African plains.


To make the experience as real as possible, the Hunting Unlimited brings dozens of weapons and accessories that facilitate hunting. Jeeps, maps, special food for animals, lookout towers... Stay alert and practice sport hunting without falling into the clutches of the beasts. When you do come face to face with one of the giants, Hunting Unlimited provides you with over 42 weapons to take them on, from shotguns and rifles to crossbows and more.

Hunting Unlimited is an interesting game with a unique theme that surprised us with its wealth of options, although the graphics were a little lacking.


  • Great options
  • Lots of diversity


  • Graphics aren't great

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User reviews about Hunting Unlimited

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    i like it.
    very god i love to play it and i need to god download and play it

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    i havent played the sofsonic and i am werrie of virus but i have played the game befor and it amazing

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    i love it.
    i love it and its the best game in the world do you think so
    Pros: sooting moose
    andhunting beaMore

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